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Berettas in Canada

Different models of Beretta

Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta is a major Italian gun maker. They are well known for their fine shotguns and handguns. They also produce rifles, apparel and machineguns (the latter not available in Canada). They own Benelli and SAKO arms

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The Beretta 92 pistol is a very popular handgun; quite probably the most popular Beretta in Canada. Below we have information about all Beretta model handguns in Canada.


Country of Origin: Italy
Countries of Manufacture:
various 9mm
Fire Type:

Legal Classification*:
Non-Restricted, Restricted, Prohibiteds
Approximate Value:


Canada Guns plans to sell Berretta guns in Canada as soon as possible. Bookmark this page and check back soon.


Beretta is perhaps most famous for their revolvers and pistols. Below is a somewhat complete list of their line of firearms. Many of these are restricted fireams in Canada. We will be offering whichever we can import into the country when we are fully able to sell them.

The Beretta 92 has been adopted as the main sidearm of the US Army

The Beretta Storm is a pistol that is aimed at the police markets. It is popular amidst certain police forces around the world



Beretta shotguns, while pricey, are of extremely fine quality. The Beretta 92FS

Carbines & Rifles

Beretta is less known for their rifles, but they make a lot of fine weapons

A copy of the M14 rifle. Considered to be a superior arm by many.

Submachine guns

All of which are prohibtied firearms in Canada. you cant buy them

Where to buy

We will be a Canadian retailer, dealer, and a place to buy guns in Canada.


The Beretta M9

Beretta 92



Beretta Accesories:

Magazines, Holsters, Shell holders and more, Grips, replacement stocks and more


of Beretta weapons

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