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Ruger Vaquero

The Ruger Vaquero is enough to make any gun enthusiast nostalgic for the Old West! Introduced in the early 1990’s the single action revolver has a cowboy feel to go along with its rugged good looks. The mechanical superiority of this revolver has made it a favorite among cowboy action competition shooters.

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The steel framed cylinders are scaled down to resemble the revolvers of the late 1800’s. The Vaquero shoots a .357 or a Colt .45. It comes in a variety of finishes and grips. The barrel length is around five inches with a total length of less than 12 inches. The gun weighs in at around 40 ounces. The patented Ruger transfer bar and loading gate interlock to provide extra protection from accidental discharge. This has all the quality and craftsmanship one would expect from Ruger.  The Vaquero retails from $700 - $1560 south of the border. We will have prices for sale in Canada soon.