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Ruger Handguns in Canada

Sturm, Ruger handguns are sometimes available, always popular in Canada. Read more on this page if you are deciding to buy one. The ruger blackhawk is a popular handgun and they make a whole host of other small calibre handguns. Read on!
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Country of Origin: USA
Year of Origin:
varies depending on model
Countries of Manufacture:
Fire Type:
Legal Classification*:
Restricted - Prohibited

Here is a complete list of Ruger handguns. LEt us know if we;ve missed any of them


The P series of firearms


Other Ruger pistols


Where to buy

Coming soon to this website we will be selling Ruger firearms. Once we are able to you will be able to buy a Ruger handgun right here from our website (we hope).


The Ruger P series



Some the accessories we plan to offer for Ruger firearms include: Magazines and Holsters, bandoliers, Grips, replacement stocks and more! Ruger guns are highly customizable and there is no reason a Canadian should not be able to benefit from this.


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