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Glock 18

The Glock 18 is a machine pistol that has some of the same features as the Glock 17 but offers a fully automatic feature. This is a relatively compact pistol at only seven inches and 23 ounces. As an added feature the Glock 18 can use a 33 round clip for extra firepower but it standard with a 17 round clip. See our Glock Canada page


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In the US the Glock 18 is strictly a law enforcement weapon because of the fully automatic feature. This rare pistol is difficult to come by. The manufacturer, at one time, offered a training class and would not sell an 18 to anyone who had not taken the class. Good luck finding a retailer that has one. It is prohibited in Canada.

Buy in Canada

As we said above, you will probably never ever get a chance to own this firearm in Canada. Sorry! Check out our other Glock Canada page for Glocks you CAN own!